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Sheds, Storage Buildings & Garages in Spokane, WA and Surrounding Areas

Thank you for considering Paul’s All Wood. We are your storage building solution. We will build you the toughest, longest lasting storage building for the best price. Here at Paul’s All Wood Storage Buildings, our name is at the front of what we do because our name is what’s on the line. Paul’s has been in business for over 30 years producing quality work and getting the job completed on time. Shop around and see…we build a “Tougher Shed at a Better price” and remember, your storage building is always built on your site!

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Our Signature Sheds

Serving  Spokane, Spokane County, Greenacres, Otis Orchards, Newman Lake, Liberty Lake, Kootenai County in North Idaho, Post Falls, Coeur d’ Alene, Hayden and Rathdrum!

Paul’s Garden House

Paul’s Garden House is something different. The salt box roof gives the garden house a side entry profile. In addition to the gardens unique profile, the pricing remains the same as our standard style buildings.

The Cottage

The Cottage is the best way to get a storage building with some extra covered porch in your back yard. The $379.00 Cottage Package gives you a taller side wall with a functional porch. The Cottage keeps the elements away from the entry doors in the winter and adds elegance and charm in the summer.

The Show Barn

The Show Barn is a Paul’s classic. After all, Paul is known as Mr. Barn! The Show Barn has the highest loft area in the industry. Your neighbors will be in awe when you have Paul’s put one in your backyard. Besides, the kids can sleep in the loft, “how epic is that”.

Shed & Building Prices

Gable, Garden House & Barn
All Three Styles, All The Same Price!

Excluding the Ponderosa Pine


Garden House


Width & LengthRegular
8′ x 4′$1,499
8′ x 6′$1,799
8′ x 8′$1,899
8′ x 10′$2,249
8′ x 12′$2,449
8′ x 16′$3,249
10′ x 12′$3,149
10′ x 16′$4,099
10′ x 20′$5,049
10′ x 24′$6,049
12′ x 12′$3,699
12′ x 16′$4,849
12′ x 20′$5,999
12′ x 24′$7,099
14′ x 14′$4,949
14′ x 16′$5,549
14′ x 20′$6,949
14′ x 24′$7,999

Options & Upgrades

Options & UpgradesPrice
8" x 16" Screened Vent$30.00
Black Hardware$30.00
Roof Vent$50.00
Primed Trim$75.00
Extra Wood Doors$180.00
Skirting$3.00/Lin. Ft.
Partition Wall (Per Foot) $300 Minimum$30/Lin. Ft.
Enclosed Eaves$7.00/Lin. Ft.
Roof Felt$50.00
2 x 2 Sliding Window w/Screen$155.00
3 x 2 Sliding Window w/Screen$200.00
3 x 3 Sliding Window w/Screen$225.00
4 x 3 Sliding Window w/Screen$265.00
6 x 4 Sliding Window w/Screen$350.00
Treated Ramp$275.00
Lap Siding (Per Sq. Ft. of Building)$10/Sq. Ft.
Metal Siding (Per Sq. Ft. of Building)$7.00/Sq. Ft.
Loft (Min. 32 Sq. Ft.)$5.00/Sq. Ft.
16" - 24" Shelving$10/Lin. Ft.
Railings$11/Lin. Ft.
Work Bench$14/Lin Ft.
Tractor Shed/Lean-To (No Floor)$12/Sq. Ft.
Deck (Not Covered)$12/Sq. Ft.
Porch Option$300.00
Garage Package (Min. 160 Sq. Ft. Bldg.)$1400.00

Standard Barn – Comes with 4 ft. sidewalls.
Standard Gable – Comes with 6 ft. sidewalls.
Garden House – Comes with 7 ft. front wall and 6 ft. back wall.

*Add $200.00 per ft. to raise the side wall height on any building up to 160 square feet.
*Add $300.00 per ft. to raise the side wall height on any building over 160 Square Feet.

DELUXE Floor Option
2″ x 6″ x 12” Centers – 3/4” T&G CDX Plywood Floor
* Paul’s Deluxe Floor Option up to 120 sq. ft. – $200.00
* Paul’s Deluxe Floor Option over 120 sq. ft. – $300.00


50 year treated 4” x 4” beams placed on 12” x 12” concrete blocks / 30 Year Roof / Floor joist on 12” centers. / Exterior CDX floor and roof sheathing. / Minimum 6” overhang on all buildings. / 2” x 4” wall studs on 16” centers. / Primed 8” on center Smart Siding on exterior walls.

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All Wood Garages

Whatever Style to Fit Your Needs

Width x Length x Height Price
12′ x 20′ x 11′$13,200
12′ x 24′ x 11′$15,840
14′ x 20′ x 11’8″$15,400
14′ x 24′ x 11’8″$18,480
16′ x 20′ x 12′$17,600
16′ x 24′ x 12′$21,120
18′ x 20′ x 12’4″$19,800
18′ x 24′ x 12’4″$23,760
20′ x 20′ x 12’10”$22,000
20′ x 24′ x 12’10”$26,400
24′ x 20′ x 13’8″$26,400
24′ x 24′ x 13’8″$31,680
24′ x 30′ x 13’8″$39,600
24′ x 36′ x 13’8″$47,520
24′ x 40′ x 13’8″$52,800
30′ x 30′ x 15′$49,500
30′ x 34′ x 15′$56,100
30′ x 40′ x 15′$66,000


#1 Excavation for sites that are within 8 inches of level
#2 All concrete re bar and concrete finishing for a single stage monolithic poor
#3 Permit from Spokane County, City of Spokane, City of Spokane Valley
#4 Approved plans
#5 All materials for framing, doors, and 30 yr. Roofing.
#6 All labor for framing, roofing, and door installation
#7 1 @ 7′ X 16′ garage door
#8 1 @ 36” man door
#9 8′ side wall


Windows installed starting at $135.00 (2’X2’)
Electric garage door opener at $495.00
Wiring package with basic hookup $2,000 to $3,000 – Rigbee Electric
Additional tractor work for $150.00 per hour
Backfill for $150.00 per hour
Taller side walls at $1000.00 per vertical foot under 1,000 sq. feet
Taller side walls at $1,500.00 per vertical foot over 1,000 sq. feet
Additional double car garage door $1000.00 installed
Additional single car garage door $750.00 installed
Additional gravel at $300.00 per 12 yard load
Trenching for utilities at $3.00 per linear foot
Complete venting system at $300.00

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